160 Minutes The Race To Save the Titanic Release Date Set for 8/15/21

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160 Minutes The Race To Save the Titanic Release Date Set for 8/15/21



160 Minutes The Race To Save the Titanic is a knight’s mission in the dead of a freezing night on the icy Atlantic. It is two men huddled in the transmitting room sending out their plea for assistance with distant ships snatching the meaning and interpreting those dots and dashes in a myriad of different ways relaying it on to a shocked world. It is the actions in Britain and New York and the ships steaming toward the stricken ship of dreams with the only thought to reach her before people succumbed to the twenty-five-degree water. The natural drama of Titanic’s short-lived death throes is juxtaposed against this race against time by the other ships who could affect the outcome and the tragic consequences of the missed opportunities where the fifteen hundred might have been saved.

The race to save the largest ship in the word would begin at 11: 40 PM on April 14 when the iceberg was struck and would end at 2 20 am March 15 when her lights blinked out and left 1500 people thrashing in 25-degree water. Although the race to save Titanic survivors would stretch on beyond this, most people in the water would die, but the amazing thing is that of the 2229 people, 710 did not and this was the success of the Titanic rescue effort.

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