Latinola : The Pitcher and the issues of immigration

Jul 31, 2013 by

With immigration in the news, “The Pitcher” is a novel of our time. The story of a Mexican American boy with  no money for lessons and a broken down World Series pitcher could be the feel good book of the fall season. Set in Florida against a backdrop of the Great Recession, The Pitcher conjures up old baseball stories like The Natural but it is squarely in our time. The fact the boys mother could be deported anytime adds a modern twist to the old story of the aging giant and the young dreamer.
When a Tea Party mom tries to use the status of his mother to keep the boy from trying out, we are squarely in the middle of the issues of immigration. The classic story of a boy with a dream and an old pitcher who helps him is one with the dreams of millions who hopes depend on the outcome of these issues.
The Junior Library Guild are the first to recognize this is a special book. The Guild chose the book for their fall lineup. They are careful to pick only the best of the best and The Pitcher seems to have fallen into this category. Due out in September 2013, The Pitcher might be the topical novel of the fall and one hell of a good story. Published by Koehler Books

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