Lesson Plans For Teachers Using The Pitcher

1. Tell a baseball story using Ricky and The Pitcher.

2. Where do you think Ricky ends up pitching? Does he get his dream and pitch in Wrigley Field?

3. Write down your favorite scene in The Pitcher and use sensory detail.

4. Write in Rickys voice and explain why you like or dislike the story.

5. If there was a sequel to The Pitcher what would you like to see happen

6 Is a dream worth all the trouble Ricky goes through?

7 Write your own dream story and describe the obstacles you will have to overcome.

8. Who is your favorite character and why?

9 Who is your least favorite character and why?

10.How does Ricky’s mothers status as an immigrant affect the story?

11. Is it fair to deport Ricky’s mother after she has lived in the United States all her life?

12. Is it fair to keep Ricky from trying out because his mother is an illegal immigrant?