In the winter of 1779 in Morristown NJ the Continental Army spent a dark winter while the British launched an elaborate mission to kidnap George Washington while Benedict Arnold sold out his country. Based on the forthcoming book Morristown The Darkest Winter and the Plot to Kidnap George Washington


SALLY RAND AMERICAN SEX SYMBOL; HOW SALLY RAND CRASHED THE 1933 WORLDS FAIR AND BECAME FAMOUS OVERNIGHT. Sally Rand became famous during the 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair and became a cultural icon for forty years. This rags to riches story is a fascinating look at a woman who broke sexual barriers and made the 1933 Worlds Fair profitable. Based on the book to be released Sept 2019

New Program: Wright Brothers Wrong Story based on new book coming out December 2018!
The real story of the Wright Brothers. Now Booking dates!

New Program: Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair” Forty Years later Chicago did it again. Lovers of Devil in the White City will love this presentation. This has been extremely popular covering the effort to get rid of Al Capone while putting on a Worlds Fair in the worst year of the Great Depression!

New Program Forging A President How The Wild West Created Teddy Roosevelt This explores the three years spent out West after his wife and mother died on the same day. Roosevelt was a sickly asthmatic when he went West and came back the barrel chested Teddy Roosevelt we know today.

New Program Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson This tells the amazing story of our First Woman President Edith Wilson who ran the country from 1919 to 1921 when Woodrow Wilson had a massive stroke.



Thank you for presenting, Madam President: The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson on June 20, 2017. This was a wonderful opportunity for the community to learn the little known story of Mrs. Wilson’s extraordinary story.

Of the sixty-eight people in attendance for this program, forty-three people completed an evaluation. Attendees were asked the question “Did this presentation meet your expectations?” and asked to rate it on a scale of 0-10. An average score according to their responses was 9.8. When attendees were asked the question “How effective was the speaker?” an average score according to their responses was 9.8. When attendees were asked the question “Would you recommend this program to a friend?”, all respondents but one indicated that they would recommend this program to a friend.

Marci Buerger Mt Prospect Library
Some of the comments included:

Outstanding! Insightful, energetic presentation
Fast paced!
Fascinating topic! Presenter engaged audience well
Absolutely great-Fun and informative
Making history come alive! Way to go! Super!
Knowledgeable and insightful
Interesting topic-Great presentation
Engaging style-Appropriate humor-Good flow in presentation
Learned a great deal-Very enjoyable!
Very informative and entertaining
Very good
This was great! Never knew about her!
Excited to hear of the unspoken roles of women
Very in-depth and enjoyable presentation
Very interesting-Great interaction with the crowd
Thought provoking-Very comprehensive and interesting-Great speaker
Very interesting-Never knew anything about Edith Wilson

SELLING YOUR WRITING TO THE MOVIES! (NEW PROGRAM)William Hazelgrove has sold three novels to the movies with his latest Real Santa going to the Producers of Modern Family. In this free wheeling seminar on selling your book to the movies he will cover what studios are looking for in high concept movies and the process of getting the right people to look at your work.

GETTING PUBLISHED IN THE DIGITAL AGEPublishing has changed and publishing has never before been more exciting and more confusing. Should you go traditional? Should you go right to Kindle? How do you get the attention of editors who are overwhelmed with submissions? How hard is it to publish a Kindle book on Amazon? What are the economics of publishing today? Is it more profitable to publish directly to Kindle or go traditional? How long should you wait? Bestselling Novelist William Hazelgrove answers these questions in more in his seminar on Digital Publishing

Ok. You have have just published your Kindle book…now what? How do you sell against the millions of other books out there? How can you draw attention to yourself? Bestselling Novelist William Hazelgrove gives a seminar on the latest tactics in selling ebooks. He covers social media, subscription services, and face to face selling to boostores. His techniques are proven and give the new author a fighting chance to make his or her book stand out among the rest.

You just cant finish the darn thing. Many writers begin novels but never see the finish line. Sixty percent of all novels are never finished. Why? Bestselling Novelist William Hazelgrove gives you the tools to get the job done in his Novel Seminar. Rewriting, plotting, characters, editing are covered in this lively seminar where William Hazelgrove uses his experience and wisdom to get you to the finish line.

      Presentation Menu For Libraries

Selling Your Writing in the Age of Social Media


There’s really only one way to sell your writing today: on the Internet. Best-selling novelist, William Hazelgrove has used the power of social media to secure media and build sales for his five novels. Hazelgrove will show what it takes to get started and how to put – and keep – your name in front of readers.

Finding the Novel Inside of You.


We all have a novel inside of us. It’s that story burning to be told. Hazelgrove tells the secrets and method to get started on that idea and keep at it through the first draft and subsequent revisions. He also covers the “ins-and-outs” of getting published, sharing stories of paperback auctions, movie options and his first big contract.


For Young Adults & Teens


Reading Well to Write Well


Hazelgrove takes students on a reading and writing journey they won’t soon forget. He stresses the connections between books and writing and shows how a quality book helps produce quality writing. He interacts with the audience, incorporating writing exercises and feedback. He also shares his journey as a novelist.


Did You Ever Think of Writing a Memoir?

Did you ever think about writing about your own life? Your  own life could be a great story. Novelist William Hazelgrove has written a memoir along with seven published novels and can take you from the first draft to rewriting. Learn the technique of Memoir Writing with a professional who has been published with major publishers and knows what it takes to produce a memoir that will sell. Research, plotting, technique, dialog and getting published are covered in this exciting presentation.

 Libraries Presented

DeKalb Library  S

Winfield Library

Eisenhower Library S

Westmont Library

Bartlett Library

Oak Park Library

Deerfield Library

Indian trails library

Elk Grove Village 

Lincolnwood Library

Forest Park Library

Aurora Library

Aurora Library south branch

Elgin Public Library

Lisle Library

Burbank Library




“William did a great job helping aspiring writers not only learn more about their craft, but also the realities of what it takes to be a writer in today’s market. Well done.”
Kay Palacek Deerfield Public Library

William Hazelgrove has a way of talking with prospective writers in a way that makes them feel like they are getting advice from a friend. His open way of leading the discussion had patrons asking questions and talking about their own struggles. The advice Mr. Hazelgrove gave to each of us in attendance is sure to be very helpful in our future writing endeavors.

Hannah Berry
Young Adult Librarian
Aurora Public Library

Mr. Hazelgrove tells it like it is with humor and inspiration. Every writer – from the newbies to those with numerous publications – can learn something from his Selling Your Writing in the Age of Social Media presentation.                                                                      Susan Gibberman  Shaumburg Township Library

“William Hazelgrove’s presentation on writing a memoir was well-received – he offered helpful writing tips and insider information on becoming a published author.”
Gail Graziani Westmont Library

“Thanks for a great workshop! Your audience was highly enthusiastic about the benefits.”
Debbie Prieser Oak Park Library


“Mr. Hazelgrove’s presentation reinforced a lot of what we teach about in our reading and writing classes.” – Ali Tannenbaum


“I liked that Bill talked about how he kept a journal of advice based on rejection letters he had received, and that he became a better writer because of that.  It showed the students that writing is a journey and no one is good at first and that you get better along the way.” – Lynn Bruno


“I liked that the students were able to see a manuscript and all of the editing that goes into great writing.” -Beth Ewoldt Hadley Jr. High


“Mr. Hazelgrove’s presentation was engaging, motivating, interactive, informative and humorous.  I loved it!” -Brett Cooper Hadley Jr. High


“Bill really drove home the point to our students that writing the first draft is not the meat of writing.  Rewriting is.”- Denise Capenigro Hadley Jr. High


“Bill’s presentation really connected to our students interest level and skill level.  They knew exactly what he was referring to and they could relate to it personally.  It was truly on the mark!” – Patty Jurczak Hadley Jr. High


“Author William Hazelgrove truly inspired and motivated our Creative Writing classes with his presentation at our school this spring”.

Maggie Bellinger
Bartlett HS, Bartlett, IL


Thank you so much for visiting us here at the Morton East Library Media Center! The students enjoyed your presentation. The opportunity to meet a professional author is truly something that they appreciate. I know that you captivated and inspired many of them to pursue their own writing.

                                                                                                                                                                   Patrick Glazik Library Media Specialist/Morton East HS


“I would highly recommend this program. We had wonderful turnout and everyone enjoyed themselves. “

Linda Schehl, Helen Plum Library Head of Adult Services


“In all the years I’ve been moderating, your presentation stands out from all the rest…filled with inspiration, helpful hints and good advice that I have never before heard by any of our writers.

 – Caryl Mobley, Programming

Arlington Heights Public Library

Thanks again for joining us for Writers Week. I don’t know if you realize this but you have a pretty strong state presence. You seemed very confident up there. And this is what the students said too. Your session was one of the highlights of the week.”

Tony Romano

William Fremd High School


“I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for agreeing to share your life with us. I’m certain that each student listened intently to your talk about the ups and downs of the writing business. Further, I believe you inspired a good number of them to consider a career in writing. Don’t be surprised if we call upon you in the future!”

Elaine Glenn

Librarian Oak Park and River Forest High School

Hi Bill,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful presentation you did at our Library a couple of weeks ago. It was well received and you provided a wonderful lecture.



Adult Programming Coordinator
Deerfield Public Library
920 N. Waukegan Rd.
Deerfield, IL 60015
847.945.3311-main number



Past and Present Library Programs

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Winfield Library

Westmont Library

Eisenhower Library

Bartlett Library

Aurora Library

Indian Trails Library

Inside Writing and Reading  Helen Plum Library

Inside Writing and Reading Schaumburg Library

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Addison Public Library

Aurora Public Library

Elgin Public Library




une 7th Palos Heights Library 7 PM Al Capone 2018
June 5th Bloomingdale library Al Capone and 33 Worlds Fair 7 PM 2018
June 8th Barnes and Noble Geneva 11-4 2018
June 9-10 Printers Row Signing Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair
June 16th Barnes and Noble Geneva 11-4 2018
June 17 Woodridge Library Teddy Roosevelt 2018
June 19th Wauconda Library Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair 7 PM 2018
June 21 brookfield library al capone and the 1933 worlds fair 7pm 2018
June 26 Antiquarian Society Glen Ellyn 9 AM Al Capone and the 33 Worlds Fair 2018
July 10 Blue Island Library Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair 2018
July 11 Freemont Library Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair 7PM 2018
July 16 Franklin Park Library Capone 6 pm 2018
July 17 Lisle Library Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair
July 18 Rolling Meadows Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair 7 PM 2018
July 19 Bloomington Library Wright Brothers 2018
July 25 Fossil Ridge Library Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair 2018
July 26 Palos Park Library Capone 7 pM 2018
July 30 Lake Bluff Capone and 1933 Worlds Fair 7 PM 2018
July 31 Grayslake Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair 7 pm 2018
August 6 Chicago Ridge Library Capone 7 PM 2018
August 14 Burbank Library Teddy Roosevelt 7 PM 2018
August 21 Westmont Library Al Capone 7 PM 2018
Sept 2 White Oak Library Teddy Roosevelt
Sept 12 Plainfield Library Teddy Roosevelt 11 Am 2018
Sept 12 Eisenhower Library Capone 2018
Sept 13 Westchester Library Capone 7 pm 2018
sept 18 gail borden library elgin capone 7pm
Sept 20 Midlothian Library Teddy Roosevelt 6 30 2018
Sept 22 Oswego Library Teddy Roosevelt 1PM 2018
Sept 24 Wheaton Library Al Capone 7 pM 2018
Sept 25 Prospect Heights Madam President 7 PM 2018
Sept 27 Oak Lawn Library Madam President 7 PM 2018
August 14 Burbank Library Teddy Roosevelt 7 PM 2018
August 16 Bartlett Library 7 PM Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds fair 2018
Oct 2nd Clarendon Hills 7 Pm Teddy Roosevelt 2018
Oct 11 Antioch Library capone 7pm 2018
Oct 13 Selling Books Through social media Deerfield Library 2018
Oct 16 Winfield Library 7 PM 2018
Oct 23 Glenview Library 7 PM 2018
Oct 25 ALA Keynote speech and signing 2018
Oct 25 Prarie Creek Library Madam President Secret Presidency 7pm 2018
Oct 27 Eisenhower Library 2PM Finding the Novel Inside of You 2018
Nov 1 Dwight Public Library 7 PM Madam President 2018
Nov 3 Berwyn Madam President 7pm 2018
Dec 5 Evergreen Park Library 7 PM Wright Brothers 2018
Deb 6 Algonquin Library Wright Brothers Wrong Story 7 Pm 2018
Jan 8 Bloomingdale Library Teddy Roosevelt Forging A President 2019
Jan 16 Sycamore Library Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair 2019 2019
Jan 24 Deerfield Library Wright Brothers 7 PM 2019
March 5 Finding the Novel Inside of You Bloomingdale Library 2019
April 10 Flossmore Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair 2019
May 7 Wright Brothers Wrong Story Bloomingdale Library 2019
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Fall Lemont Library How the Wild West Created Teddy Rooosevelt to
Fall Lake Villa Library Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair
Oak Park Fall Shots Fired in Terminal 2
April 17 2019 Colonial Dames Madam President

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