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Hold on To Those Dreams. Review of The Pitcher

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Ricky Hernandez dreams of making the high school baseball team.  He is a pitcher with an arm like a rocket. Ricky;s mother is dying and she asks the old World Series pitcher across the street to help Ricky. I was absolutely mesmerized by this book. This story is so much more than just a kid loving baseball. I came to admire Maria and her son, Ricky. I found myself urging Jack Langford, the pitcher along with Maria and Ricky , to keep going, not to give up. the author brings in topics such as illegal immigration, issues of health care and domestic violence.  Mr. Hazelgrove doesn’t get preachy or pushy about it.  He just lays the topics out there for you to decide. The author wrote an amazing story of love and sticking to what you believe in, I’m hoping that everyone of all ages will read this wonderful book.  I can’t say enough good about it.  Everyone, Ricky, his mother, the Pitcher all had their moment to shine.  Now it’s time for the author to have his “moment to shine.” Good honest story and a good understanding of children. Mr. Hazelgrove keep on writing.  We need good books, not only for the adults, but more so, for the children.


Kane County Chronicle Interview St Charles Author Gears up for The Pitcher

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Kane County Chronicle Front Page

Shiny Book Review–A Novel Worth Cheering About

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William Hazelgrove’s THE PITCHERis the story of young Ricky Hernandez, whose main goal is to make his high school baseball team.  Ricky has an arm, you see, and a fastball that’s much better than his peers.  But as he’s extremely poor, Ricky probably already would’ve dropped out of baseball competition except for one thing: his mother, Maria.

You see, Maria is a force of nature.  She’s the mother we all wish we would’ve had, growing up.  She’s an assistant coach on Ricky’s summer baseball team, not because she cares about the game, but because it’s the only way she can assure that Ricky will get any playing time.   Maria’s main drawback as a person is that she’s so focused on her son, she’s not been very good at treating her own health (she has lupus).

When THE PITCHER opens, it’s about three months until high school baseball tryouts.  Ricky wants to make the team badly.  He knows he has talent.  But he hasn’t had the advantages of most of the other players (most especially an obnoxious kid named Eric); his only real coach is his mother, who has learned all she knows about baseball from books.  She mostly tells Ricky things like, “Take a deep breath” and “Did you remember to breathe?,” which are good generic things to say, I suppose, but don’t get to the bottom of why Ricky’s aim is poor and why his concentration isn’t where it should be, either.

Enter “the Pitcher:” His name is Jack Langford, he pitched in the majors for 25 years, and in Hazelgrove’s conception, was the hero of the 1978 World Series as a member of the victorious Detroit Tigers.  (As a baseball fan, I have to admit that I wish the Tigers would’ve won over the real 1978 American League and World Series champs, the New York Yankees.  They were fifth in the AL Eastern Division; my favorite team, the Milwaukee Brewers, was third.  But I digress.)  Hazelgrove was a successful pitcher, but since he finished his career, life has taken a major turn for the worse because Langford’s wife died; after that, Langford felt life wasn’t worth living and turned to drink to help himself cope.

At any rate, Maria wants Langford to help her son learn how to pitch (rather than merely throw with no control), so Langford starts helping Ricky out.  It goes in fits and starts, though, partly because of Langford’s alcoholism, partly because Ricky’s mother’s health, and partly because of Eric’s nasty mother, who will do anything she can — even so far as calling Ricky an “illegal alien” — to keep Ricky away from the high school baseball team.

I’d Give it TEN Stars If I Could …Amazon Review of The Pitcher

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I’d give it TEN stars if I could,September 2, 2013

Anne Honeywood (Connecticut, USA) – See all my reviews
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This review is from: The Pitcher (Kindle Edition)

This is one of the best books I’ve ever read, and now that I just finished it, literally moments ago, I’m cast adrift wondering what to do now. I have my own book to continue writing, but can’t settle down to it because The Pitcher keeps filling my head, and I’m writing about horses, not baseball, so no help there.
If you only get to read one book this year, choose this one. It is a treasure on its way to becoming a classic. if they turn this into a film, I will be rooting for Kevin Spacey to play the Pitcher. It will be Academy Award stuff.

Incredible Five Star Review of The Pitcher

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I am blown away by this novel. It gave me more chills than “The Field Of Dreams” and “The Natural” combined. I choked up more times reading this, soon to be classic tale, than a team that leaves 11 men on base during a game. I kid you not; it’s that moving.   This is much more than a story of the love of a game, or a mother’s dream for her child. This is a perfectly crafted piece of literary fiction that is relevant to contemporary issues of the day.   You will come to respect and admire Maria and her son Ricky. If you’re like me, you will be fascinated by the Pitcher Jack Langford. All I could see when I read about him was Clint Eastwood (about 25 years younger). You’ll love his evolution and root for him as well as Maria and Ricky. If this isn’t made into a movie, Hollywood is missing out on a potential blockbuster as big or bigger than “Sandlot” or “The Natural”.   It weaves in hot button issues like illegal immigration, health care, and domestic violence in a way that isn’t preachy or over the top. It is sentimental but not maudlin.   These issues and the dream of a mother and child to have “their moment to shine” is brilliantly done in a manner that is at times humorous, tension filled, and totally satisfying. The last 25 % of the book will have you in angst as the the twists of the story unfold into a totally fulfilling conclusion.   This novel is a must read for men and women of all ages. I just can’t put into words how impressive this book is, but I have no doubt that this future best seller is Mr. Hazelgrove’s “moment to shine”.

The Pitcher Book of the Year…Books and Authors. net

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The Pitcher was just chosen as Book of the Year by Books and

“The Pitcher by William Hazelgrove is Best Book of the Year! A Grand-Slam!” John Weaver , owner

The Pitcher Number One in Hispanic Lit and Baseball

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Chicago, IL ., August 27, 2013 – (PressReleasePoint) – The Junior Library Guild Selection for 2013 is now number one in baseball books on Amazon for promotional titles. William Hazelgrove’s The Pitcher due out in September is on a free download promotion until Friday.
The free download builds awareness for new titles and the story of a Mexican American boy with a golden arm and a broken down World Series Pitcher is taking off after a rave review from Kirkus, ” An engaging, well written, sports story with plenty of human drama–this one is a solid hit” After glowing reviews on Amazon this coudl be the feel good hit of the fall.
Touching on issues of immigration The Pitcher has caught on in the Hispanic community and rests at number one for Hispanic Literature. William Hazelgroves other title Rocket Man is also on a free download until Friday August 30 and is #1 in Humorous fiction.