Speaking Engagements

Henry Knox's Noble Train

Henry Knox’s Noble Train

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Jan 28 ZOOM Bensonville Library Sally Rand 7pM
Feb 8 ZOOM Bloomingdale Library Sally Rand 6 PM
Feb Glen Ellyn Historical Society Henry Knox
Feb 11 ZOOM Frankfurt Library Madam President 7 PM
Feb 16 Zoom Oswego Library Sally Rand 7 PM
March 9 Circle of Friends Madam President 1 PM
March 16 ZOOM Naperville Public Library Madam President 7 PM
March 19 2021 Glen Ellyn Book Club
April 13 Bridgman Library Sally Rand 6 30 Eastern
April 14 Plainfield Library The Amazing Worlds 26 Fairs of Chicago
April 15 Somanuack Library Madam President 6PM
April 24 Elmhurst Library The Amazing Worlds Fairs of Chicago
May 25 Winfield Library Noble Train 7 PM
June 10 Algonquin Library Sally Rand 7 PM
June 16 Bartlett Library Worlds Fair Presentation 7 PM
To Be Scheduled
Oregon Library
Indian Prairie
Oswego Library
Berwyn Library
Mchenry Library
New Buffalo Library